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We are an import and export company, which assists patients on import and export of medicaments not available ( not registered at ANVISA or that be registered or  out of stock)in Brazil, from quotation, buying, boarding, transportation, tracking and the delivery to the final customer.


Can I import not registered medicaments in Brazil? Is it legal?

Yes. We can import legally. The Directors' Collegiate Resolution number 81, of ANVISA, allows the import of medicines not registered in Brazil,for personal consumption and with medical prescription, for any person residing in Brazil.

Can I import any kind of medicament?

No. Any private individual (patient) can import only medicament not registered at ANVISA or that being registered and missing in Brazil. 

Which documents are required to the import?

Medical prescription, medical certificate (depends on the case), copy of the RG, CPF, proof of residence, proxies.

Who does implement the import?

G&A Imports Brasil does all of this for you. After the documents presentation and advanced payment, G&A Imports Brasil takes care of everything for you.

Whose name the import is made?

All process is done in the name of the patient.

What is the origin of the medicaments?

From main manufacturers and distributors from Europe, the USA or another country which is indicated by the patient or medical team, as required.

How the medicaments are transported?

The medicaments are transported by international logistics operators, by air transportation.

How the medicaments are packed?

The medicaments are packed as required. There are medicaments which need “special boxes” because of their maintenance of temperature( between 2ºC and 8ºC or between 15º to 25º).  We guarantee the use of appropriate packages to protect the quality,efficacy and efficiency.

How the medicaments that need refrigeration are treated ?

It´s needed packages “special boxes” because they need to maintain the temperature ( between 2ºC and 8ºC or  between 15º to 25º).  We guarantee the use of appropriate packages to protect the quality, efficacy and efficiency.

Where do I receive or take the medicament?

In most cases the medicaments are delivered directly to the purchaser address, and these can be, for the most remote places, by withdrawing them at the nearest airport to the patient´s town,due to the absence of local transportation.

How do I pay?

The payment is in advance, by deposit or bank transfer.

How do I know if the medicament was sent?

A G&A Imports Brasil keeps you informed (by email or WhatsApp) from the time of boarding up to delivery.

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