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Imported medicines and not traded in Brazil

We are G&A Imports Brasil, Commercial advising, Importer and exporter.


G&A IMPORTS BRASIL assists patients in the importation of not available medicaments in Brazil (not registered by ANVISA - National Health Surveillance Agency, or registered, but unavailable in Brazil), on a medical prescription, in several countries worldwide in a simple and objective way, ensuring patient tranquility and quality, for direct usage and consumption.

We advise in international trade, in order to offer to our clients the assurance of the best products, at the lowest cost, through legal and ethical means and with transparency.


Our goal is to advise our patients from the acquisition in the foreign suppliers to the receipt of medicaments, handling all exports and speeding up customs procedure before Brazil's Federal Revenue and ANVISA, controlling and tracking all of the transportation, monitoring and informing all the time.

Our company consists of specialized and skilled labour both in import and in technical expertise.


About import we offer professionals with a large experience in the international market and with a zero-duty access to the control organs, like Brazil's Federal Revenue, ANVISA and others.


With respect to the technical part, we have in our team a professional in the pharmaceutical area, post graduated in Regulatory matters and with large experience in distribution centre of medicaments and hospitals. This specialist keeps track of all the process since the separation, package, registers, temperature and light controls, since the origin until the arrival of medicaments to the patient.

Our team take care of everything to the patient, from quotation, the remittance of currency, shipping instructions, logistic follow-up, including the transportation, the customs clearance and the delivery of the medicament to the end-consumer, is free of cost, in the address of the patient, in accordance with RDC 81/2008, with greater transparency, responsibility and pharmaceutical care.


The process:

To start the quotation process, due to current legislation and in accordance with the control rules and regularities established by internationally validated suppliers , it is required the submission of a prescription, which can be replaced by a medical certificate, provided that the posology  and unequivocal dosage of the medicament are listed, with the proof of address of the patient, so by standards the medicament will be delivered just to the patient; thus for a correct freight quotation, it must be presented the proof of address.


With the documentation presented by the patient, we will accomplish the quotation about the medicament with the suppliers on the main markets worldwide, the freight with logistics operator (with expertise in the transport of medicines) and will position their team to actions about the custom clearance.


The deadline for the submissions of quotation to patient varies from 2 or 3 days after the send of the documentation.


If the import is approved, the client will make a money deposit in G&A´s current account, and must send the following original documents:


  1. Medical prescription, original,free of erasures, dated, signed and stamped by the prescriber;

  2. Medical report (depending on the case);

  3. Specific proxy for the custom clearance establishing and the execution of the exchange contract ;

  4. Registered copies of the ID and CPF of patient (In the case of underage patients who do not have an ID card, the legal guardians must present the child's birth certificate and the parent´s ID and CPF.

  5. Certified proof of address.


The documents should be addressed immediately  through Sedex to the address indicated by G&A Imports Brasil.


With the whole documentation, We close the export exchange with the authorized agent of BACEN - Brazilian Central Bank, for the remittance abroad and will make the payment to the vendor.


After the closing of exchange, the payment will be released in the vendor account within 3 working days. From then on, the time shall run to the medicament shipping.


Deadline for reception of medicaments  at the patient´s residence varies from 20 to 25 days, with exceptions for special cases which will be informed to patients depending on the quotation.


The G&A team will accompany the whole process of the transportation and atorage of medicaments, with a view to guarantee  all transportation and storage in a satisfactory manner, respecting the limits of the temperature (being refrigerated or not , within any tenperature), with no direct exposure to light, repassing the total traceability from product origin to product delivery.


G&A will be responsible for overall guidelines with regard to the pharmaceutical care, as well as the storage and custody of import documents for a period of at least 5 years. If deemed necessary the documentation can be stored safely by G&A.


It is important to note that, like any import, the process is subject to parameterization, supervision and control inspections, according to current legislation. Such interference are not under importers control.




In accordance with the legislation in force, specifically RDC ANVISA Nº 81/08 and Decree 8077/2013, it´s not allowed the import of control medicaments under the terms of ANVISA Nº 344/98. Such restriction prevents, for example, the import of medicaments which cause chemical dependency, known as “Controlled Medicine”.


It´s prohibited, by the same legislation, the storage of imported medicaments not marketed in Brazil (not registered by ANVISA), thus the import should be done strictly in the quantity for use and individual consumption of the patient, which can´t be resold or marketed. Enterprises which keep these products for prompt delivery, storing in an irregular manner, are at odds with the current legislation.


It is not permissible the fractioning of import,that is the purchase in smaller quantity than provided by the manufacturer of medicaments.
 For example: The medical prescription describes the use of an ampoule to a certain medicine, however the manufacturer only offer box with at least 10 ampoules. For us it´s impossible to purchase and import just one ampoule, we need to purchase a minimum amount provided by the manufacturer, that is: A box containing 10 ampoules, shipping the full box to the patient, in its original package.


We do not work with outlawed products in Brazil (Medicine prohibited in our country).


For ethical subjects and commercial relations preservation, we do not provide values without the medical prescription presentation or medical certificate, in accordance with the matters established, together with the patient´s proof address.

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